Take notice that in accordance with N.J.S.A. 39:10A-8 et seq., application has been made to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, to receive title papers authorizing the sale of Year 2005, Make Toyota, Model Camry, Complete Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 4T1BF32KX5U095136 on October 02, 2020, and 1:00 p.m. by means of public/private sale. This described motor vehicle which came into possession of Wilmans Auto Body through abandonment or failure of owners to claim it may be examined at 184 Main Street, West Orange, NJ 07052. Objections to this sale, if any, should be made immediately in writing to the following address: State of New Jersey, Motor Vehicle Commission, Special Titles Unit, 225 East State Street, P.O. Box 017, Trenton, NJ 08666. September 24, October 1, 2020 E94283 WOC ($17.28)


Results of the West Orange Zoning Board of Adjustment Regular Virtual Meeting held on September 17, 2020 for the following:

APPLICATION: 1. ZB-20-09/Morris Union Holdings, LLC

Approved on 9/17/2020

Block: 155; Lots: 26 & 29; Zone: OR 475 Prospect Avenue Amended site plan approval with “c” variances to reduce the number of parking spaces by one space for the location of a generator

2. ZB-20-02/Odegov Approved on 9/17/2020

Block: 175.22; Lot: 9; Zone: R-6 48 Sunnyside Road “c” side yard variance to extend an existing driveway

3. ZB-20-06/Miller Approved on 9/17/2020

Block: 48; Lot: 11; Zone: R-5 34 Dartmouth Road Seeking “c” variance to construct a rear deck 4. ZB-20-08/Master Form Engineering Approved on 9/17/2020 Block: 176.10; Lot: 10; Zone: R-5 32 Morris Road Seeking “c” variance for front yard to expand dining room 5. ZB -20-04/Valley Hill Properties, LLC

Carried to 10/15/2020

Block: 179; Lot: 3; Zone: R-4 103 Pleasant Valley Way Seeking “d” and “c” variances for the expansion of an existing senior care facility E94285 WOC September 24, 2020 ($16.92)